People sometimes describe directors like Wes Anderson as “pretentious” but that means “attempting to impress by affecting greater importance or merit than is actually possessed” and that’s not how I’d describe his films. He has a style and he sticks to it and in a way that makes them very honest and understated … we all know his style so in a weird way we’re not watching his direction. 

By that definition, pretentious is definitely how I’d describe The Dark Knight films or Man of Steel. Zach Syner is attempting to put greater importance on a flying alien with laser eyes than it really merits. 

The worst part is that the actually, legitimately fucking awesome Bob’s Burgers had to be dragged into this. Leave the Belcher family the hell out of this, dicks.
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can somebody explain me this gif?

Yes but I’m not going to. 


can somebody explain me this gif?

Yes but I’m not going to. 

the book delling and i are going to co-author about being young and chronically ill

  • Sef Cosmia: Chapter 1: You're Smiling Too Much To Be Sick
  • Gab: Chapter 2: Wish I Could Stay Home In Bed All Day Too
  • Sef Cosmia: Chapter 3: But You Did A Thing
  • Gab: Chapter 4: Have You Tried This Diet Yet
  • Sef Cosmia: Chapter 5: What About This One
  • Gab: Chapter 6: My Cousin-In-Law's Adopted Stepsister Swears By Meditation
  • Sef Cosmia: Chapter 7: Other People Have It Worse You Know
  • Gab: Chapter 8: That's Not A Real Thing!
  • Sef Cosmia: Chapter 9: You Got It From Vaccinations





African American flappers and Jazz Age women


There were many fabulous African American flappers. No wonder - it was African American musicians who put the Jazz in “The Jazz Age”! The Charleston dance iteself, which so epitomizes the era, made its debut in the all-Black musical “Runnin’ Wild”, and no one danced that flapper number better than Josephine Baker…save possibly for fellow Black artist Florence Mills, who claimed credit for inventing it (she said she debuted it in her “Plantation Revue” in the early 20s, developing it from a dance popular among slaves). The Charleston song was written by Black composer James P Johnson. Without women and girls like those above, the 1920s would never have roared.

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feminism is not about belittling men and that’s not what feminists are trying to do, being a feminist doesn’t not mean that you can’t be a house wife or not have a son. Being a feminist means that you want equal rights for men and women, not to “dominate” the male population. 

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Tribute to Jennifer Hale - Who has performed in more games than any other actor.

And has a voice that makes me MELT <3

Jennifer Hale has an amazing voice ♡

And she’s one of my favourite voice actors too ;3;

I’ve basically been in love with her ever since I first heard her incredibly sexy voice <3 

She’s just utterly FLAWLESS :D

It’s not the brains that matter most, but that which guides them — the character, the heart, generous qualities, progressive ideas.
Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Insulted and Humiliated (via wordsnquotes)

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